Goldenway Group registerd in Hong Kong since 2009

GLOBAL Agile MARKET, GAM is recognized as one of the most powerful dealers in foreign exchange and precious metals in the world. With its rich experience, high-quality platform, honghou strength and strict regulatory environment, GAM has become a leader in trading platform.

Since its establishment in 2011, GAM has grown rapidly, with over 1 million cooperative customers and over $5 trillion of transaction volume. With a us NFA regulatory licence, the framework of the NFA rules is the best protective conduit for global foreign exchange investors. Every year, the NFA regulator conducts various accounting and business reviews of GAM。

GAM provides investors with over 200 types of foreign exchange and other financial derivatives, including foreign exchange, spot and futures, It also provides a simple and convenient MetaTrader4 software platform to realize one-stop trading.

GAM has always been committed to providing investors with a stable and safe trading platform, competitive point difference, convenient access to gold experience, professional customer service team, so that customers enjoy excellent trading environment, the most real market quotation to customers, and customers stand in the same interests camp, all customers order Single throw into the market. GAM, with its good commercial reputation and professional services, has repeatedly won international dealer awards, and is favored by more and more investors.